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Santander UK

Composed by David and produced by CORD WW founding partner Elisa Harris, this theme for Santander UK's latest TVC was recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. The ad, which is airing in 90" and 30" versions, features the Santander brand ambassadors Jessica Ennis, Rory McIlroy and Jenson Button. 

Haagen Dazs

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This commercial was for showing in the Far East. The Clients wanted a classical germanic, european feel to the music.  The operatic words are in german, and describe the experience of eating ice cream.

British Airways

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Together with Julian Ronnie, David created this world music mix of the classic operatic track by Delibes. It’s success led to the pair being asked to compose for other commercials, including DHL, The Sunday Times, Visa and Harvey’s Bristol Cream.

Walls Solero

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Straight To Number One was the follow up single to “Would You” and was also used on many feature films and commercials. This was for Walls Solero.

Would You...?

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David’s top 3 hit in October 1998, was also extensively used in TV, commercials and feature films. Shows and Ads included “As If” “Queer as Folk” Nokia, San Pellegrino, Calsberg and Asda.